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Gift for Hyanna Natsu by GuilleGem Gift for Hyanna Natsu :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 5 0 I don't know if I should love this or hate it by GuilleGem I don't know if I should love this or hate it :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 1 0 I'm still alive! by GuilleGem I'm still alive! :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 2 0 So... Quick update thing by GuilleGem So... Quick update thing :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 2 0 Random boys by GuilleGem Random boys :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 2 0 Homos everywhere by GuilleGem Homos everywhere :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 1 0 Thanks for +25 watchers! by GuilleGem Thanks for +25 watchers! :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 1 0 Base 4 - *Insert artistic title here* by GuilleGem Base 4 - *Insert artistic title here* :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 125 15 Base 3 - (Without Sci Twi glasses) by GuilleGem Base 3 - (Without Sci Twi glasses) :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 203 22 Base 3 - Is this Rule 34 of us!? by GuilleGem Base 3 - Is this Rule 34 of us!? :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 85 4 Joy by GuilleGem Joy :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 7 5 FNAFHS - Toy Chica y Toddy by GuilleGem FNAFHS - Toy Chica y Toddy :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 3 0 LOVE by GuilleGem LOVE :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 2 0 FNAFHS - Mi tabla de shipeos by GuilleGem FNAFHS - Mi tabla de shipeos :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 10 2 FNAFHS - Tabla de shipeos by GuilleGem FNAFHS - Tabla de shipeos :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 45 37 Base 2 - Is she twerking? by GuilleGem Base 2 - Is she twerking? :iconguillegem:GuilleGem 103 3



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Icon by/ Icono hecho por: :iconbe-scar3:

I'm just a common girl who draws once in a year :v
Solo soy una chica común que hace dibujos una vez al año :v

About me
STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz I heart stamps by abbie-wabbie Learning English Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ OCs Stamp by himawari-tan Cancer Stamp by mylastel Wishful Thinking by whispwill

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Dragon Ball Z
DB: K18 is my OTP by Reykholtz I can't explain how much I love them >u<
18 stamp by pan-kt She was my first waifu. Of all. She's like the Waifu Queen (?) Anyways, I love her with my entire heart

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Gift for Hyanna Natsu
Today is :iconhyanna-natsu:'s birthday! And she is really an inspiration to me, so I wanted to make her a little gift, so I drew her persona Hyan-tan! It's not perfect but I did my best ;v;
I really hope she sees it! >w<
I recommend that you check her beautiful art if you haven't yet, she's reallyreallyreally talented! <3
I don't know if I should love this or hate it
So I have been trying to learn how to color properly, here is the result ;w;

Estuve intentando aprender a pintar apropiadamente, este es el resultado ;w;
I got tagged by :iconkatnekobase:


1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.) Escribe las reglas (O copialas y pegalas, como prefieras)
2. Write 13 things about yourself. Escribe 13 cosas acerca de tí
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. Responde las 13 preguntas hechas por la persona que te etiquetó, y hace tus 13 preguntas propias
4. Tag 13 deviants. Etiqueta a 13 usuarios
5. Make sure they know that they are tagged. (I will not considere this rule too...) Asegurate de que saben que estan etiquetados (No tendré en cuenta esta regla...)
6. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this". No digas "Estas etiquetado si lees esto"
7. It is forbidden not to tag anyone. Está prohibido no etiquetar a nadie
8. Tag backs are allowed. Esta permitido "re-etiquetar" 
9. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you. (I will not considere this rule too, I think this is a little unfair...) Si no haces esto en una semana, debes obedecer un deseo de la personas que te etiquetó (Tampoco tendré en cuenta esta regla, creo que es un poco injusto...)

So, I will take the time to write this in english and spanish :P
Me tomaré el tiempo de escribir esto tanto en ingles como en español :P

13 Facts about me 
1- I think a lot before posting something on the internet, like: "What should I write here?" "It would be better if I say this or that?" "Which image is better for this?" Not sure why, but I always do it Pienso mucho antes de subir algo a internet, como: "¿Que debería escribir aquí?" "¿Sería mejor si digo esto o lo otro"? ¿Que imagen es mejor para esto?" No estoy segura de por qué, pero siempre lo hago
2- I image stories every day, some are really weird, others are realistic, happy, sad. I just have a lot of ideas in my mind xD Imagino historias todos los días, algunas son muy raras, otras son realistas, felices, tristes. Simplemente tengo muchas ideas en mi mente xD

3-My real friends are one year younger than me, I don't get along very well with my classmates (They don't bully me or anything like that, but I feel like I'm more immature than those of my same age) Mis amigos reales son un año más jovenes que yo, no me llevo muy bien con mis compañeros de clase (No me hacen bullying ni nada así, pero siento que soy más inmadura que los de mi misma edad)

4- I usually don't like cakes. They always seem delicious but when I try them... meh. Probably because I'm not such a fan of sweet food (only chocolate :3) Normalmente no me gustan las tortas. Siempre se ven deliciosas pero cuando las pruebo... meh. Probablemente porque no soy muy fanática de la comida dulce (solo chocolate :3)

5- I love playing videogames, but I'm not good at it, probably the worst at gaming xD Me encanta jugar videojuegos, pero no soy buena, probablemente soy la peor

6- I like anime, but I haven't finished many (Dragon Ball Z, Hatsukoi Limited, AnoHana, Sakura Trick, New Game, Lucky Star) and I have a LONG list of unfinished anime (Sailor Moon, SwordArtOnline, Zero no Tsukaima, No Game no Life, Tokyo Ghoul, between others) Me gusta el anime, pero no he terminado muchos (Dragon Ball Z, Hatsukoi Limited, AnoHana, Sakura Trick, NewGame, Lucky Star) y tengo una LARGA lista de anime sin terminar (Sailor Moon, SwordArtOnline, Zero no Tsukaima, No Game no Life, Tokyo Ghoul, entre otros)

7- I also like other animated shows like: Steven Universe, Miraculous Ladybug, My Little Pony, FNAFHS Tambien me gustan otras series animadas como: Steven Universe, Miraculous Ladybug, My Little Pony, FNAFHS

8- I would love to cosplay Me encantaría hacer cosplay

9- I'm pretty lazy and I don't like sports Soy bastante vaga y no me gustan los deportes

10- I would like to have magical powers or something like that ^-^ Me gustaría tener poderes mágicos o algo así ^-^

11- I'm short (152 centimetres, the last time I checked) Soy baja (1.52 la última vez que me fije)

12- My stepbrother is :iconalef3rnand3z: (he doesn't post things very often xD) Mi hermanastro es :iconalef3rnand3z: (no publica cosas muy seguido xD)

13- I wanted to be a writer when I was a few years younger, and even though now I'm more focused into art, I still love writing stories Quería ser escritora cuando era unos años más chica, y aunque ahora estoy más concentrada en el arte, aún amo escribir historia


13 Questions I Have to Answer by :iconkatnekobase:

1. Your favorite computer game? ¿Tu juego de computadora favorito?
I haven't played many computer games, but I always loved The Sims (all of them) No he jugado muchos juegos de computadora, pero siempre amé Los Sims (todos)

2. Favourite charaster in MLP Personaje favorito de MLP
Huge fan of Pinkie Pie! Meow :3  Gran fan de Pinkie Pie! Meow :3 

3. Tea or coffee? ¿Té o café?
I have never tried coffe because I HATE IT SMELL, so I prefer tea c: Nunca probé el café porque ODIO SU OLOR, así que prefiero el té c:

4. You have your AU?What is it? ¿Tienes un AU? ¿Cual es?
I actually have some AUs, but I'm not saying anything about them, they are too silly and boring >_< De hecho tengo algunos AUs (universos alternos), pero no diré nada de ellos, son demasiado tontos y aburridos >_<

5. favourite school lesson Clase de la escuela favorita
It depends, usually art or literature, but I also like chemistry Depende, normalmente es arte o literatura, pero tambien me gusta química

6.Are there people who you madly irritating?
I don't really understand, but if you mean other people are irritting, then no, it's hard that I find someone irritating. But if you are asking if I am irritating, then maybe sometimes ^^; No entiendo muy bien, pero si te refieres a que las otras personas son irritantes, entonces no, es difícil que encuentre a alguien irritante. Pero si preguntas si yo soy irritante, entonces puede ser algunas veces ^^;

7. How are you going to celebrate the New Year? ¿Cómo vas a celebrar el año nuevo?
I'm not sure o.o I know that I will be with my dad, and his girlfriend's family. But other than that, I don't know No estoy segura o.o se que estaré con mi papá, y la familia de su novia. Pero aparte de eso, no lo sé

8. What is your favorite sport? ¿Cual es tu deporte favorito?
I already said I don't like sports, but if I have to choose one... Swimming, I think Ya dije que no me gustan los deportes, pero si tengo que elegir uno... Natación, creo

9. Your favorite historical person Tu persona historica favorita
I'm SO bad at history, I have no idea D: Soy MUY mala en historia, no tengo idea D:

10. why you are registered on DeviantArt? ¿Por qué estas registrada en DeviantArt?
At first it was just because I wanted to saw other artist's work, but later I wanted to show others what I liked to do. I know I'm not popular here, but I still enjoy sharing my drawings :D Al principio era solo porque quería ver el trabajo de otros artistas, peor luego quise mostrarle a los demás lo que me gustaba hacer. Se que no soy popular aquí, pero disfruto de compartir mis dibujos :D

11. ¿your opinion about Russia? ¿Tu opinión acerca de Rusia?
I don't know anything about Russia, so I don't have an opinion No se nada de Rusia, asi que no tengo una opinión

12. favourite language Lenguaje favorito
Oh, there are so many good languages... Um, japanese I think. I would love to learn japanese Oh, hay tantos buenos lengaujes... Um, japonés supongo. Me encantaría aprender japonés

13 Questions for You 
1- What's your favourite animal and why? ¿Cual es tu animal favorito y por qué?
2- What do you hate most about people? ¿Qué es lo que más odias de la gente?
3- Which 3 characters you identify with and why? (from any anime, game, movie, etc) ¿Con que 3 personajes te identificas y por qué? (de cualquier anime, juego, película, etc)
4- Describe yourself in 4 words Describite en 4 palabras
5- What do you do when you feel sad and/or depressed? ¿Que haces cuando te sientes triste y/o deprimido?
6-Favourite month? ¿Mes favorito?
7-What do you prefer to draw? ¿Que prefieres dibujar?
8-Do you think you're a "normal" person? Or not at all? ¿Crees que eres una persona "normal"? ¿O de ninguna manera?
9-Do you like cooking? ¿Te gusta cocinar?
10-Vanilla or chocolate? ¿Vainilla o chocolate?
11-Which part of making a picture you enjoy most? (Sketching, tracing, painting...) ¿Que parte de hacer un dibujo disfrutas más? (Hacer el boceto, delinear, pintar...)
12-What do you think about politics? ¿Que piensas de las politicas?
13-What do you enjoy most about Christmas and New Year? ¿Que disfrutas más de Navidad y Año nuevo?

I'll tag some random watchers Voy a etiquetar a algunos watchers al azar: :iconfloreflo300: :iconalef3rnand3z: :iconqueen-vaega: :iconshadowdash1356: :iconflakestar: :icontherainbowgod: :iconajgalaxystar: :iconpink1891: :iconhyper-mario-64: :icontourmalinetree: :iconsunsetsun42: :iconsdmlp8184: :iconsengoku19:

Sorry for bad english


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